Darth Pattern Handbook.

How modern companies manipulate users.
Proven Repeatable Tactics.

From the winner team of Malaysia Maybank Fintech Challenge.
From the winner team of SUPERB by TERAJU, Malaysia.
From speaker of 'Growthhacking Meet UX' by GrowthHackAsia, Digital Hub Events, User Experience: What Is It And Why I Should Care? by MaGIC Sarawak, Malaysia.
From the Alumni of 'Hubba Fellowship: Pre Accelerator Program, Bangkok Thailand' SV In.Fusion - Startup Bootcamp for Founders in Silicon Valley, MaGIC Accelerator Program Malaysia, Cyberview Living Lab Accelerator Malaysia.

About the Author.
Mac Jake is a tech entrepreneur, ux researcher & digital marketer.
He has started and sold a startup to a bank and a founder of South East Asia Co-working Space automation platform, Campfyre.
Darth Pattern Chapter List
  1. Bait and Switch
  2. Confirmshaming
  3. Intentional misdirection
  4. Hidden ads
  5. Growth through spam
  6. Ethical Considerations
  7. Bait and Switch
  8. Disguised Ads
  9. Forced Continuity
  10. Friend Spam
  11. Hidden Costs
  12. Misdirection
  13. Price Comparison Prevention
  14. Privacy Zuckering
  15. Roach Motel
  16. Sneak into Basket
  17. Trick Questions
  • And More!

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